We were a group of about 170 people and everything worked out very well. Thank you very much for the good organization and for the flexibility! The game was a lot of fun for everyone and can certainly be recommended.

Abisana KunarajahABB Schweiz AG

It was a cool event and was great fun for all participants. Everything was perfectly organized! The puzzles were exciting and demanded a lot from us :-). Thanks again for this great afternoon

Gabriella PerronZürcher Kantonalbank

The spy hunt has exceeded our expectations. Tricky tasks and interesting findings. The team spirit and ambition was awakened and was extremely enjoyable. A perfect team event, which will be remembered for a long time.

Angela HeerISS Schweiz AG

A well thought out event with many smaller and bigger puzzles, our team was enthusiastic. Adaptations to our needs (installation of a break in a local restaurant) were implemented perfectly. We gladly recommend this event to others.

Michaela MühlemannMichaela Mühlemann

The event was really fun, full of surprises and very interactive! It exceeded our expectations!

Diana PresolskaActelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The apprentice trip with the agent hunt was a great finale, we were able to state our wishes and it was super implemented and thought through!

Noëmi WeberAEW Energie AG

We all had a great time. It was all well organized and thought out. We are glad that the world is safe again 😉

Katja BenkmannFides Treasury Services AG

Our offers for companies and associations:

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    All our games have "augmented reality puzzles" (where the real environment is provided with digital projections).

  • Custom-made

    Integrate company or association questions or tasks into the course of the game and give the Challenge a personal touch.

  • Multi-Player Mode

    Up to 60 teams can compete against each other in real time. Only one wins! We recommend a playing time of 120 - 150 minutes.

  • Location

    You decide in which city and at which location the teams compete against each other. We set up the game according to your specifications.

  • Teambuilding

    What counts is speed, skill, cleverness, team spirit and the right strategy. Only as a team the missions can be mastered.

  • Integration

    We build our game into your daily program. Apéro, food and bus ride included. In Zurich we already offer existing bundles.

  • Challenge

    After the challenge, there will be a winner's ceremony and handing over of the trophy on site by our Game Master. Team photo included.

  • Experience

    For more than 3 years we have supervised hundreds throughout Switzerland, from small groups to large events up to 300 people.


The unique outdoor escape game with the trickiest puzzles and most difficult challenges that you can only master as a team. We hope you are no beginners! Find the antidote and prevent the catastrophe. The time is running. Over and out!

Equipped with an iPad and Action Pack, you'll embark on an all-new adventure, making the invisible visible and solving puzzles using augmented reality. You've never done this before? Then it's about time!

  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Difficulty: medium / demanding
  • Cost ab CHF 39.00 Spielerin (abhänging von Anzahl Spieler)
  • throughout Switzerland* Switzerland*, route creation included (start/end by arrangement)
  • Age recommendation: 15 - 59 years


Danger threatens from worlds long believed to have passed! The local portal guardian has been put out of action by a powerful spell and now malicious creatures roam our enchanting, proud and unique city again. But there is hope, you!

iPad and ActionPack with many tools will take you into another world. Your goal: Solve puzzles in the enchanted places and collect enough crystals to close the Magic Portal and save our world from destruction

  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Difficulty: simple / medium
  • Cost ab CHF 39.00 Spielerin (abhänging von Anzahl Spieler)
  • throughout Switzerland* Switzerland*, route creation included (start/end by arrangement)
  • Age recommendation: young and elderly


Recently, we also offer the "Operation Mindfall" in the indoor version. We bring an exciting escape room adventure to your event / to your company headquarters.

Equipped with all the necessary materials, we send you on a virtual world tour to avert the impending danger.

  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Difficultymedium
  • Cost from CHF 30.00 player (depending on the number of players)
  • throughout Switzerland* ganze Schweiz*
  • Age recommendation: 15 - 59 years

Our corporate events are also available as a bundle with apero / lunch or dinner!

The following complete packages are available in addition to the pure team event: