Only during Christmas season from 19 November to 23 December 2020: Save Christmas! Play together through the old town of Geneva and solve exciting puzzles. Will you find the secret recipe for mulled wine and manage to free it from the sealed bottle? Will you be able to take the right pictures at the Photobooth station? After the success of 2019, we have completely renewed the game, taking into account all the security measures concerning Covid-19. You can expect the most fun Outdoor activity In Zürich and Geneva !

Erkundet das winterliche Zürich und die weihnachtliche Atmosphäre! Startet den Spielspass nach der Einführung durch den Game Master mit einem Glühwein „to go“ und begebt euch auf die Suche nach den geheimen Zutaten des verborgenen Glühweinrezepts. In der Mitte des Spiels erwartet euch eine Aufwärmstationen im Freien mit Decken und Lammfell (falls gewünscht auch indoor möglich, maximal 4 Personen pro Tisch) mit einem weiteren Glühwein (auch als non. alc. Variante verfügbar) auf eurem Weg durch die winterliche Limmatstadt.

Equipped with a tablet and many useful gadgets, embark on an incredibly fun mission. The person using the iPad will receive winter gloves with a touch screen for the visit. The photos you took at the Photobooth station can be uploaded or shared in our gallery the next day.

Perfect for your Christmas party or an exciting afternoon / evening in Zurich and Geneva with friends!

Notes on the COVID-19 protection policy: while solving the puzzles sowie anderen Situationen wo der Sicherheitsabstand von 1.5 Meter nicht eingehalten bzw. grosse Menschenansammlungen sein werden, gilt Masks are required! (Guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health. Otherwise the game is structured to avoid large crowds and the event takes place mainly outdoors. Someone is sick or has to be quarantined? No problem. The booking or ticket of the person concerned can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the event without consequences!

  • Augmented reality

    Thanks to modern technology, reality and fiction blur into an unforgettable experience. Along the way, fun tasks await you which can be solved in the group. Can you manage to free the secret recipe for mulled wine from the sealed bottle?

  • Equipment

    For the search for the magical ingredients of the mulled wine you will get an iPad and Action Pack with many useful gadgets. All game utensils are thoroughly disinfected before and after use.

  • Time / Countdown

    You go 120 minutes on the journey. But racing is not the main focus. Discover the Christmas city with new eyes and manage to save Christmas in the present time.

  • GPS Technology

    The puzzles and tasks are spread over the most beautiful Christmas markets. Only at the right place you can solve them. Large crowds of people can be avoided at any time, the puzzles and tasks must always be solved in "quiet" places.

  • 100% Covid-19 friendly

    The tour takes place in quiet areas of the old town of Zürich and Geneva, you can cancel without consequences up to 24 hours before departure.

  • 2 x hot wine

    The first mulled wine is "to go" right at the beginning. Another station awaits you at our gastro partner in the beautiful old town in the open air with lambskin and woollen blankets (if desired you can also be inside). On site you will find our bottle post as well as the photobooth station for the proof photos.

  • Language

    The adventure is offered in German and English.

  • Location

    The venue is Zurich and Geneva. The rallye starts at the courtyard behind "Sams Pizza" (3min. away from the main station of Zurich), In Geneva it starts at "la balade de la treille" next to Charles-Pictet statue. You want the game in another city? Contact-Us!

  • CHF 54.00 / Person

    Included are two mulled wines, use of game equipment and Photobooth.

  • Players

    The game is offered from 4 to 20 participants. Maximum 5 people per group. When solving the puzzles, masks must be worn as the safety distance cannot be maintained. A maximum of three groups per time slot, each group gets its own game route.