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Escape Game to-go

Dinner with Action

The indoor escape game can be played with up to 500 players at the same time. We only require a table and chairs.

Indoor agent hunt in a team

One team, one mission and a countdown that runs

Each team consists of four to six agents. The game is played indoors! In addition, each agent team is equipped with a tablet and a notepad. After the briefing, the game can begin: Who will find out where the Aston Martin is? Who will manage to hack into the server room? Ingenuity, powers of deduction, enthusiasm and team spirit are required to get ahead in the action-packed augmented reality game. And don’t forget: Time is running! A giant stopwatch shows how much time is running out. At the end of the game, the best agents are honoured and receive the prestigious “Agent Trophy”.

You choose the location and we deliver the entertainment

The indoor escape game can be played with up to 500 players. The required infrastructure is limited to one table per team and one chair for each team member. The game can be perfectly integrated into any conceivable occasion, whether between the courses of a meal, as a break at a training event or as part of a company party. In any case, excitement and good entertainment are guaranteed.
An experienced moderator leads through the game. The briefing at the beginning and the award ceremony at the end take about 10 minutes each. The event normally lasts about 100 minutes and is offered in 11 languages.

A fun game for all generations

The Indoor Agent Hunt is suitable for all generations, tech-savvy or not, everyone can get involved in the game.

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Operation Mindfall

Spider Technologies has developed a dangerous virus that has already infected 20% of the world’s population. As secret agents of the W.I.S.E. organisation, you must prevent the catastrophe. The virus is spreading through the city’s groundwater, and it’s up to you to stop it.

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