New: Online Escape Game "Project Pegasus"

The biotech company "Spider Technologies" reports the loss of three high-ranking employees. Official sources speak of an unfortunate accident and the file has been closed. However, the circumstances are far from clear: as we were able to find out, the three scientists had been shadowed for some time by an agent whose role is still completely unclear to us. Since the incident, however, there has been no trace of him either.

Take your team on the trail of the missing scientists, investigate at Spider Tech headquarters and follow the trail of Agent Spike. Leakt the truth to the media and expose the machinations with a big bang!

Only as a team and with a lot of skill you can bring the dark secrets behind the "Pegasus Project" to light. Are you up to it?

The Pegasus Project - an online science thriller.

Überall spielbar | 90-120 Minuten | via Internet | Prequel zu Operation Mindfalls |

  • Remote

    Play with your friends from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and note pad!

  • Multi-player Mode

    Play in a group, or even in several teams against each other! This will be no walk in the park...

  • 90-120 Minutes

    Entertaining adventure for your puzzle team. You are a company and want to set the countdown yourself? Then contact us!

  • Exciting story

    Follow in the footsteps of the missing scientists with your team and leak the truth to the media!

  • Language

    We offer the game in English, German and French. Other languages on request.

  • Virtual company event

    Perfectly suited for companies and employees in home offices. Our company version enables the game for up to 1000 people at the same time!

After the booking you will receive an email with the access codes and can start right away
(or when it suits you - the dates in the booking tool are only placeholders)