Online escape Games for all teams sizes

Online Escape Game «Pegasus Project» f0r 2-6 players (ideal for Team Building)

The biotech company „Spider Technologies“ announces the loss of three high-level employees. Official sources speak of an unfortunate accident and the file has been closed. However, the circumstances are too shady to be clear.

Follow in the footsteps of the missing scientists with your team and leak the truth to the media!

Online Escape Game «Lockdown» for 2-6 Players

Seven young people escape from the confinement of their own four walls and spend a weekend partying together in their holiday home despite curfew. A weekend that does not end well. Only six of seven students return home. But what happened? Was it an accident? A tragic misfortune?

Or even cold-blooded murder?

Online Escape Game „Diamond Fever“ for 2-6 players

The robbery of the century! Diamonds worth 12 million euros were stolen from a Foxhole safe. A coup that could only be committed by an insider. Or not?

Slip into an investigator’s shoes and set out on a lifelike search for clues in the Foxhole company. Dive into an immersive criminal case before it’s too late and all traces are covered up!

The new Online Escape Game «Soul Reaper» for 2 – 6 persons

Hamburg lives in fear and terror! One of the most cruel and inhumane serial killers of modern times, the Soul Reaper, is back and he is on the hunt again.

For years, the police have been groping in the dark, the identity of the Soul Reaper remains unknown.

Information about the booking process:

After booking you will receive two e-mails with the access codes and you can start with the game. When you want to start with the Online Escape Game is up to you, the dates on the booking platform are only used as placeholders. That means you can buy the ticket today, but you can also play the game in two weeks. The codes are valid for 3 years.

You are a company and want to play the game with several teams and need an invoice? Then contact us. We will be happy to help.


    Book directly and play afterwards. Perfect for playing together with friends in other places! Pure Online Escape Game.

  • EAZY

    You don't need to make any special preparations: sit down at your internet browser*, put a cell phone and notepaper next to you and you're ready to go. (*Desktop with Chrome or Firefox recommended).

  • Explore

    Reconstruct the events little by little, once together, you will see more clearly. Could you solve this investigation?

  • Community

    The perfect community experience in the time of home office, quarantine or isolation. Use Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp call etc. and solve the case together!

  • Time

    Depending on the case, the game lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. Time flies!

  • Difficulty

    Your brain is quite challenged - that means: we have seen easier tasks before. But if you are at a dead-end, you can always go to the help page and get tips that will get you back on track.