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Online Escape Games for individuals and companies

Choose your mission

Join your team to follow in the tracks of the missing scientists, investigate the headquarters of Spider Tech and follow the heels of “Agent Spike”.

Leak the truth to the media and expose the machinations with a big bang!

Seven young people escape from the confines of their own four walls and spend a party weekend together in a vacation home, despite the curfew.

Help solve this case and solve the mysterious death of Nicolas Maison!

The robbery of the century! Diamonds worth 12 million euros were stolen from a safe belonging to the Foxhole company. A coup that could only be committed by an insider.Right?

One of the cruelest and most inhumane serial killers of modern times, the Soul Reaper, is back and he is on the hunt again. Who is the Soul Reaper and how can he finally be stopped?

Exciting story

Take on the case as a team and solve the case. Only through teamwork you will be able to solve the task.

Virtual company event

Perfectly suited for companies and home office employees. Games for up to 1000 people at the same time possible.

Battle mode

Play in a group, or even in several teams against each other! This will not be a walk in the park…

90 - 120 minutes

Entertaining adventure for your puzzle team. You are a company and want to determine the countdown yourself? Then contact us!


We offer the game in English, French and German. Other languages on request.


Play with your friends from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, paper and something to write with!


Would you like an individual offer?

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