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Online Escape Game - Lockdown

An exciting

Seven young people escape from the confines of their own four walls and spend a party weekend together in a vacation home, despite the curfew. A weekend that does not end well !!!

Solve the case

Out of seven students, only six return home. But what happened? Was it an accident? A tragedy of misfortune?
Or was it cold-blooded murder…?

Conduct the investigation

Reconstruct the facts piece by piece and together come across surprising findings that put things in a different light. Who can you exclude as a suspect? Who had a motive? Is the alibi waterproof?

Team spirit

Help us solve this case and solve the mysterious death of Nicolas Maison!

Just click on “BOOK” – the date is only a placeholder (if you want to play today and this date is not available), just choose tomorrow as date.

!!! Please a maximum of two tickets per booking !!! Otherwise contact us!

Directly after booking you will receive an email with your access code. You can use this code on up to 3 or 6 devices (3 players or 6 players, according to the chosen category). The code expires when you have finally solved the case! If you did not receive the email with the access code, please check your spam folder or contact us!!!

You don’t have to be at the same place, you can each participate on your own computer and exchange information e.g. via phone or Skype.

If you are a larger group than 6 people, we recommend that you split into several groups and “investigate” separately. Start at the same time – the faster team is the winner. But remember: quality is more important than speed!

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome / Firefox

Level of difficulty 90%
Teamwork 100%
Fun factor 75%
Mental activity 85%

You would like an individual offer for your digital corporate event?

Contact us!


Book directly and play afterwards. Perfectly suitable also in interaction with friends in other places! Pure Online Escape Game.


The game takes between 90 – 120 minutes, although the time will fly by!

Easy to set up

You don’t need to do any special preparations: sit down at your internet browser*, put a cell phone and notepaper next to you and you’re ready to go. (*Desktop with Chrome or Firefox recommended).


We offer the game in German, French and English. Other languages on request.

Battle mode

Play in a group, or even in several teams against each other! This will not be a walk in the park…

Virtual event

The perfect community experience in the time of isolation. Use Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp call etc. and solve the case together.

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