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The best activity for bachelorette and bachelor party

For the Maid of honor and the Best Man

Getting married is much more relaxing when the world isn’t on the brink! Play together or as a team against each other and assert yourself as honorable superheroes or heroines.

Bachelorette and Bachelor packages

For the future "Girls and the City"

Dive into the magical world of fantasy and save the wedding party from disaster. 9 fun challenges await you, in which the bride-to-be and her team must prove that they are worthy of the wedding.
During the game you can expect a toast at the start, a mid-game drink of your choice, exciting tasks and our “Sexiest Man Alive” challenge.
If you get stuck, our leprechaun will help you with his secret magic potion.
A unique 150-minute game experience awaits you, merging reality and fiction in 9 exciting missions. You will receive photos of your mission as a collage after the event.

For the groom the "Last man standing" game

There can only be one!

And if it’s not the groom, then only his faithful companions can take on this task.

9 action-packed tasks await you to save the groom and the wedding. At the beginning you get a drink to go. Then you set out to conquer the various tasks.

A drink break in the middle of the game to recharge your batteries. You will receive the photos of your mission as a collage after the event.

Our bachelor party activity is a unique 150 minute gaming experience that merges reality and fiction. As an option, you can add a personal touch and integrate questions of your choice into the game…The only limit is your imagination…

You want an individual offer, for example, with integrated questions about the future bride.

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