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The best outdoor Escape Games.

The most modern scavenger hunt with augmented reality technology. For small groups from two players to large events with several hundred participants in a battle. Anytime and anywhere!

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We have revolutionized the entertainment industry with our interactive gaming experience. That is our goal, we give everything for it! For more than 6 years we have managed thousands of events, from events with small groups to large events with several hundred participants. We specialize in the realization of customized events. Whether it’s a private wedding party with questions about the bride and groom, a teambuilding activity at a seminar hotel in the mountains or the integration of public transportation into the event, we set no limits and always look forward to new challenges.

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Outdoor Escape Games - Switzerland wide

Spider Technologies has developed a dangerous virus that has already infected 20% of the world’s population. As secret agents of the W.I.S.E. organization, you must prevent the catastrophe. Follow Dr. Bergmann’s clues, hack into the secret server and stop the audio signal.

Danger threatens from worlds we believed to be gone! The portal guardian has been put a sleep by a spell and now vicious creatures haunt the enchanting, proud and unique city. You are the only hope! Find the magic crystals and close the portals.

Einstein died in 1955 and with him his greatest secret. Knowing that his death would occur, he hid his treasure in a secret place and sends you from the past a suitcase with EINPAD , documents and gadgets. Calibrate the compass and unravel the mystery.


BlackOut Versus Mode

A nationwide blackout is imminent! It’s up to you agents to find the hidden nodes and control the emergency generator. Can you prevent the blackout and expose Karl Lehmann? But be on your guard, double agents are lurking everywhere, trying to hack you.


A highlight of the interactive scavenger hunt includes the boat trip of the teams, for which no motorboat certificate is required (exam-free). The backdrop of beautiful Rapperswil provides the perfect setting for the event.

Getting married is much more relaxing when the world isn’t on the brink! Play together or as a team against each other and assert yourself as honorable superheroes or heroines.

The new OUTDOOR TEAM EXPERIENCE: eTukTuk Switzerland combines GPS geocaching with Live Escape Game and creates Operation Mindfall, your perfect company or group event.

You want an individual offer for another city or location, tailored to your needs?

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Xmas Escape Game

From November 24 to December 23, 2022 Exclusively in Zurich

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