Wir haben offen und freuen uns auf ein Outdoor Abenteuer mit euch. Buchungen nehmen wir gerne online entgegen.

Online Spiele auch weiterhin verfügbar.

The first Outdoor Escape Room in Zurich / Geneva

The new Online Escape Game «Online Escape Game "Pegasus Project"»

Take your team on the trail of the missing scientists, investigate at Spider Tech headquarters and follow the trail of Agent Spike. Leakt the truth to the media and expose the machinations with a big bang!

Only as a team and with a lot of skill you can bring the dark secrets behind the "Pegasus Project" to light. Are you up to it?

The Pegasus Project - the online science thriller!

Online Escape Game «LOCKDOWN»

Solve an exciting criminal case in a joint online session together with your team.

Seven young people escape from the confinement of their own four walls and spend a weekend partying together in their holiday home despite curfew. A weekend that does not end well. Only six of seven students return home. But what happened? Was it an accident? A tragic misfortune?

Or even cold-blooded murder?

Help us solve this case and solve the mysterious death of Nicolas Maison!

The best Outdoor-Escape-Games

The modern scavenger hunt with augmented reality technology.
Experience your city with great tools and exciting puzzles!