Spider Technologies has already infected 20% of the world population with a virus. Find the antidote and prevent the catastrophe!

The new OUTDOOR TEAM EXPERIENCE: Our Outdoor-Escape Games combine GPS-Geocaching with Live Escape Game and create the perfect setting for your company or group event. Perfectly suited for team events, incentives, family experiences, stag parties and much more.

  • Outdoor Escape Game

    The AR rally "Operation Mindfall" combines escape room and scavenger hunt with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Augmented Reality

    Thanks to modern technology, reality and fiction blur into a unique gaming experience.

  • Equipment

    For fighting the virus you get an iPad and an agent case with many useful tools.

  • Duration

    You've got 150 minutes: this is not about exploring the "Confederation", but saving the world!

  • Countdown

    You need to be quick, because time is against you. Unless you want to go down in history as heroes.

  • GPS based

    The puzzles are spread over the game location. Only if you are at the mission, you can solve them.

  • Languages

    The mission can be conducted in English, French, German and Italian.

  • from CHF 49.00 per person

    Depending on the size of the group, the prices per player start at CHF 69.00. From 45 players onwards, prices start at CHF 49.00.

  • Groups up to 6 persons

    We recommend a group size of 4 - 6 persons. Games with up to 15 teams are possible.

  • Multi-player Mode

    During the game, the teams are in direct competition at all times. The groups all start simultaneously.

  • Hotline

    With live tracking and a hotline we have brought everyone to their destination so far. Our Game Master is on site in case of emergencies.

  • Implementation sites:

    We offer the game throughout Switzerland, anytime and anywhere. From 4 players to groups of 300 participants. For Geneva and Zürich, we have a fixed tours that you can book online.

You are a company or a group for a customized tour

Please contact us for a detailed offer for a unique experience of 100 to 150 minutes.

Online booking for individuals

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