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Save the world from the nasty monsters!

Danger threatens from worlds long thought to be gone! The local portal guardian has been knocked out by a powerful spell and now evil creatures are once again roaming our enchanting, proud and unique Switzerland. But there is hope! You!

Level of difficulty 72%
Success rate 82%
Fun factor 100%
Family friendly 94%

Save the earthlings from the worst.

Magical portals have existed since time immemorial, and the portal guards make sure that the gates are secured. But one of them has fallen into a magical sleep and now evil creatures are flooding into your city. Collect enough crystals, solve exciting tasks and seal the magic portal to save the world from destruction.

Go in hunt of the lost crystals, packed with Action Pack and numerous gadgets. The goblin is always there to help you. But don’t forget: every tip costs you gold coins. Solve tricky tasks and let reality fuse with a virtual world.

A game experience according to your requirements

You like our game “The Magic Portal” but want to integrate specific themes or individualised questions into the game? Do you want to give the event a personal touch? No problem. With the help of image and text files, we transform your wishes into exciting tasks and make your message come alive. Tell us about your plans and we will design an individual game experience.

Our games can be carried out in any city, at any location. The Outdoor Escape Game combines GPS geocaching with a live escape game and creates the perfect setting for your event. Ideal for company events, family outings, stag parties, school classes, children’s birthday parties, and much more.

Unsere Outdoor Escape Rooms

In Zurich and Geneva we offer the first Outdoor Escape Room in Switzerland, you can be book directly online. Ideal for private individuals or small teams with up to 18 participants at the same time. Start and end point always fixed, no tailor-made route!

You want an individual offer for another city or location, customized to your needs? Contact us!

Augmented reality

With the use of modern technology, reality and fiction become mixed into a great gaming experience that you have never experienced before.

100 - 180 minutes Challenge

Choose between a fixed route in Zurich or Geneva, which lasts 100 minutes. Or we can create a customised game according to your specifications. Everything is possible.


The game is offered in German, English and French. Other languages on request.


To successfully complete the missions, you will receive an iPad and the Action Pack with many useful items.

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