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Save the world from complete collapse!

A nuclear power plant has been hacked by an unknown group, causing one of the greatest dangers of modern times: a nationwide blackout! Can you stop the hackers and restore power?

Level of difficulty 92%
Interactivity with other teams 94%
Fun factor 100%
Stress level 98%

Find the secret emergency generator and save the city

The power network can be controlled by three nodes and a secret emergency generator. It’s up to you to find and activate them. Since this is a mission of the greatest importance for the whole world and numerous double agents want to stop you, you are equipped with a special ability: Hacking! Use this new tool carefully and save the city!

Armed with your tablet and action pack, go on a quest to find the emergency generator. In “Versus Mode”(optional), teams have the opportunity to play against each other, “hacking” competing groups and stealing money from them in the process. A unique feature for ultimate gaming fun.

A unique interactive gaming experience

Blackout is the first outdoor escape game in Switzerland that includes the multi-player feature (VS mode) and allows teams to fight directly against each other (VS mode optional). If the Versus mode is activated, the teams can hack each other and steal money in the form of energy and dollars. Our games can be held in any city, in any location. Moreover, there is a possibility to customize the game with your own questions. The Outdoor Escape Game combines GPS geocaching with a live escape game and creates the perfect setting for your event. Ideal for company events with several hundred participants in a direct duel, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and much more.

Unsere Outdoor Escape Rooms

In Zurich and Geneva we offer the games as an outdoor Escape Room variant, which you can book directly online. Ideal for individuals or small teams with up to 18 participants at the same time. Start and end point always fixed, no customized route!

You want an individual offer for another city or location, customized to your needs? Contact us!

Augmented Reality - Battle-Mode

Thanks to modern technology, reality and fiction turn into a great gaming experience, and you can also fight against the other teams in the Versus mode.

100 - 150 minutes Challenge

Choose between Fix-Route in Zurich or Geneva à 110 minutes, or we create a customized game according to your specifications. Everything is possible.


The game is offered in English, French and German. Other languages on request, the game is offered in 11 languages if desired.


To successfully complete the missions, you will get an iPad as well as the Action Pack with many useful items.

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