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Online Escape Game - Sherlock Holmes

The ultimate online team event with up to 1000 players at the same time.

Lord Henry was found dead in his mansion the morning of March 23, 1921. Was it suicide or cold-blooded murder? Who or what could be behind this horrible deed? It’s up to you to help the famous Sherlock Holmes with this case.

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One team - a complex case

Help the most famous detective in the world to solve this ominous case. Go to the Rail Station and collect the right clues, check the albis of the suspects. Look around the mansion and open the safe, secured by a poem. “Sherlock Holmes” offers game fun at its highest level, ideal for beginners and ambitious puzzle fans.

Cross-country in direct duel

“Sherlock Holmes” is a great online Escape Game for young and old. From small groups of 4 players or more to 100 teams dueling at the same time. Regardless of where they are located, we bring everyone together in an exciting and unforgettable online event at 221b Bakerstreet.


Best teamchallenge ever!

Only if the players act as a team, distribute the tasks, move efficiently in the virtual 3D rooms and combine clues correctly, they will convince as junior detectives. The game promotes teamwork in a fun and innovative way. The game is supervised by an experienced game master at the beginning as well as at the end for the award ceremony (optionally also possible without a game master).

For companies and associations we recommend our B2B game variant with or without moderation, integration of countdown as well as showdown at the end with sending of winner certificate. In addition, the game can be customized as desired (background, integration of own questions and many more).

Prices B2B

4 – 10 players: CHF 280.00 / all-inclusive price

11 – 20 players: CHF 480.00 / all-inclusive price

21 players and more: CHF 24.00 / person

Moderation: CHF 120.00 / event
(prices incl. VAT)

Level of difficulty 78%
Teamwork 100%
Fun factor 96%
Mental activity 85%

You want a customized online game for your company event, recruiting day or incentive?

Contact us!

Exciting story

Find out with your team who or what is behind the death of Lord Henry. Was it suicide or cold-blooded murder?

90-100 minutes

Entertaining adventure for any junior detective team. Support the famous Sherlock Holmes in this case and bring the criminals behind bars.

Virtual company event

Perfectly suited for companies and home office employees. Our corporate version will convince and allows the game for up to 1000 people at the same time!


We currently offer the game in English and German. Other languages on request.


Play with your friends from anywhere. All you need is a computer, internet, pen and paper.

Battle mode

Play in a group, or even in several teams against each other! This will not be a cakewalk…

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